The NW CRI team is being hosted by Trinity Church CR in Tacoma, WA (http://www.trinitycares.org/) for our next Quarterly on April 7th. This will be a excellent opportunity for those in & around Tacoma to plug in to the most exciting ministry in America. Bring your community CR leadership teams because the CR Inside starts & ends at the community CR group & we need your involvement! Put April 7th at the CRI Quarterly on your calendar today.. questions? contact Richard ‭(253) 222-4749 or Nicole (503) 793-2177

Our last Quarterly on Feb 3rd at Horizon Church in Sherwood, OR was another amazing time of fellowship, encouragement, & enlightenment for those involved in this outreach. God knows His own, some of them are in a jail or prison cell today, CRI volunteers have answered His call to visit the incarcerated & invite them to join us. This is a ministry for the sincerely action-orientated CR person, those recovered in Christ who understand how important taking the CR program into the correctional setting is to the inmate & their family. But also as important is the person at the community CR group, who can reach out to the spouse & children of the prisoner & welcome them into our ‘forever family’! CR Inside is an local outreach, a local mission, of the Celebrate Recovery ministry & is wholly made up of CR members who are consistently attending a CR group, serious about their Christ centered recovery, & taking responsibility to help others in need.

We’ve attached a flyer for the April 7th CRI Quarterly in Tacoma, WA. Please get this to whoever at your CR group does the copying & see that a few copies are put out on your literature table. Also, if during Large Group an announcement could be made that would be awesome.. thank you for serving & walking in recovery today.

In Christ,

Kent Whitaker
CRI NW Region Lead

Nicole Antis
CRI Rep, Washington
(503) 793-2177

Richard Moody
CRI Rep, Washington
(253) 222-4749

Scott Patterson
CRI Rep, Oregon
(541) 848-8419

Dan Kelly
CRI Rep, Oregon
(503) 871-8382

Angie Kelly
CRI Rep, Oregon
(503) 269-0899

‘Creating a bridge from the correctional CR
to the community CR.’

CRI Quarterly:
Saturday, 4/7/2018
Trinity Church of Pierce County
4041 Tacoma Mall Blvd
Tacoma, WA 98409

CR OneDay Seminars:
Dallas, TX 3/3/18
Seattle, WA 3/10/18
Atlanta, GA 4/14/18
Washington DC 4/21/18
Lansing, MI 5/19/18

East Coast Summit 7/11-13/2018
West Coast CR Summit 8/8-10/2018

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