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NWCRI Newsletter January 2015

NWCRI Newsletter January 2015Print and circulate to Prison contacts, volunteers and sure, even inmates…

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NWCRI Newsletter January 2015

City of Cages

Jail Cell RowsJanuary 27, 2014

“City of Cages”

Welcome to the City of Cages.
Home to sinners of all ages.
Where there’s a constant battle
between Heaven and Hell
for every soul, in every cell.

A place where false pride
and negativity fill the air
as a clever way to mask guilt and despair.

Men faced with difficult choices every day
is it better to stand and fight?
or to kneel and pray?

We get to choose who will walk along with us
so it’s important to to be wise
about whom we trust.
Because Satan callously destroys
those he has enslaved,
while our Lord Jesus Christ
Loves and protects all who are saved.

Although it seems a simple choice to make,
too few seem to grasp
what’s truly at stake.

Oh God I pray that:
Your truth and love will be made known to everyone
no matter which side
of the fence they call home.

By – Dustin Young.  January 2014