Inmate Poem “Modern Day Guilded Age”

Trials and tribulations, mind over matter,
Reality transformation, born from Venus raised on Saturn,
Open galaxy mind frame, with earthly options
On a mission for freedom ending the government’s pattern,
Lost in the system, no control
Institutionalized battles, let me go,
Pharmaceutical companies poison the soul,
Money, power and corruption is their only goal,
Continuing their agenda towards the N.W.O.,
Daily forecasts, toxic rain,
False flag operations, suffering pain,
Manifestation of fire and brimstone through digital frequencies,
Touch screens and ringtones, mass manipulation,
Privacy invasions, legal rights taken, history is tainted,guilded-age-p2
Fulfilling the prophecy of the United Nations,
Reptilian races changing the entire equation,
One world government, one world religion,
Enslaving our men and brainwashing our children,
CERN Collider cataclysms funded by modern day Communism,
Community meth breakfasts followed by chew-trail lunches,
As Planet X approaches prepare your underground bunkers,
Entranced by MK Ultra hypnotisms,
While consuming genetically modified organisms,
Sell your plasma and DNA
To fund human clone projects by the CIA,
It’s the Modern Day Gilded Age,
Royal family bloodlines,
Dominating the past and current timeline,
Houses falling in sink holes as birds and trees die,
End of the American dollar, economic decline,
While prison populations continue growing in size,
Demonic possession currently on the rise,
Religious groups claim biblical ending of times,
As I see the same thing from my very own eyes,
With Holy Spirit’s love, I try,
With tears of Jesus Christ, I cry.

“Modern Day Guilded Age”~ Seth Comstock        February 22, 2017

Published with author permission.

Editor’s note: We corrected spelling and organized according to the best fit for this blog page.

Inmate Poem “Along the Way”

“Along The Way”

Basis John 14:6

Each day, a new beginning, and so it should be with relationships.

Each day, a new beginning, and so it should be with relationships.

Straight is the gate, I’m walking with Jesus
Narrow is the Way, together every day
Waiting on a friend, sticks closer than a brother
On time never late, listen to the Word he said

I am the way the truth the life
If you have the Son you have the Father
He is the way the truth the life
Aint got the son? Dont even bother.

Straight is the gate following my Savior
Narrow is the Way, everything I need today
Satisfy you know why?  He’s the bread come down from heaven.
His love ain’t no lie — He’s my triple seven

Holy holy holy Free.  Free like milk and honey.
Holy holy holy Free.  Freely buy without money.

Kurt B. Smith.
Shutter Creed Correctional Institute, August 2014

“Prison must be good juice for songwriting, daddy!”
Ruby Smith.  11 years old.