Oregon CRI Mid-Valley Quarterly Meeting

Courtesy of Kent W.

The CRI Quarterly meeting in the Mid-Valley area is this Saturday, July 19th.

Remember to remind those who have expressed interest in CR Inside to plan on attending. PS: if you bring them they’re much more likely to actually be there!

We will be starting at 10am sharp & finished by noon.

The Mid-Valley Quarterly meeting location is at the Morning Star Church in Salem, 4775 27th Ave SE.

The meeting will be in the modular classroom behind the main building, room 301A, from 10am to noon. Call Larry if you have any questions.

PEW Research: Oregon Prison Recidivism Low

Recidivism versus re-incarceration .

Recidivism versus reincarceration .

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) Story by April Baer.


Pew Study Finds Low Recidivism Rate In Oregon Prisons

April writes:

“The Pew Center on the States has released a study suggesting Oregon has made significant strides discouraging criminals from re-offending.

The numbers show Oregon with the lowest reported recidivism rate among 41 states surveyed.

The Pew study’s director, Adam Gelb, says Oregon’s corrections history holds many lessons. The state legislature passed a law in 2003 requiring corrections programs to manage offenders in ways  proven to work.

Adam Gelb: “A lot of the states that did make progress in the past decade on recidivism rates have done so by figuring out better, more effective, less expensive ways to hold violators accountable for breaking the rules without throwing them back into $29,000-a-year, taxpayer funded prison cells.”

In some cases, Gelb says, that means diverting offenders to community corrections programs instead of state prisons.

In others, it means training offenders in decision-making and thinking skills, instead of just sending them through drug treatment programs that may or may not stick.
Between 2004 and 2007, Oregon’s recidivism rate dropped 22.8 percent.”

See also State reported statistics at this link: