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CRI Quarterly Calendared for April 2019 in Pasco!

Hey NW CRI Team & CR Leadership,

As some of you know our Quarterly meetings have really started getting great results for this ministry. The NW CRI ministry is bringing CR into many new correctional settings, including some youth facilities, & CRI teams are being formed in more of our community CR groups too! We know that God’s purpose in taking the CR program into the jail & prison is only half way done, connecting the inmate & their family to our community CR group finishes His work. We want to build a bridge from the correctional CR to the community CR!
  1. This next weekend our amazing CRI leaders will be hosted for a Quarterly in Eugene, OR at the Crossfire Church on Saturday, 10/6/18.
  2. Then we’ll be bringing the worship, reports, testimonies & training of this great event to Renton, WA at the Highland Church on Saturday 11/3/18
  3. Next, the Quarterly moves to Salem, OR at the Nazarene Church on Saturday 2/2/19.
  4. And we just confirmed today, we’ll have our first Quarterly in eastern Washington on 4/13/19 at Faith Assembly Christian Center in Pasco, WA!
Please keep all of these dates in your thoughts & prayers. We will be needing help organizing each event as we close in on the date, but starting today make a commitment to helping promote each Quarterly & if possible, include yourself in making one or more a success.
In Christ & together we are providing a real hope for many.

The NW CRI team is being hosted by Trinity Church CR in Tacoma, WA ( for our next Quarterly on April 7th. This will be a excellent opportunity for those in & around Tacoma to plug in to the most exciting ministry in America. Bring your community CR leadership teams because the CR Inside starts & ends at the community CR group & we need your involvement! Put April 7th at the CRI Quarterly on your calendar today.. questions? contact Richard ‭(253) 222-4749 or Nicole (503) 793-2177

Our last Quarterly on Feb 3rd at Horizon Church in Sherwood, OR was another amazing time of fellowship, encouragement, & enlightenment for those involved in this outreach. God knows His own, some of them are in a jail or prison cell today, CRI volunteers have answered His call to visit the incarcerated & invite them to join us. This is a ministry for the sincerely action-orientated CR person, those recovered in Christ who understand how important taking the CR program into the correctional setting is to the inmate & their family. But also as important is the person at the community CR group, who can reach out to the spouse & children of the prisoner & welcome them into our ‘forever family’! CR Inside is an local outreach, a local mission, of the Celebrate Recovery ministry & is wholly made up of CR members who are consistently attending a CR group, serious about their Christ centered recovery, & taking responsibility to help others in need.

We’ve attached a flyer for the April 7th CRI Quarterly in Tacoma, WA. Please get this to whoever at your CR group does the copying & see that a few copies are put out on your literature table. Also, if during Large Group an announcement could be made that would be awesome.. thank you for serving & walking in recovery today.

In Christ,

Kent Whitaker
CRI NW Region Lead

Nicole Antis
CRI Rep, Washington
(503) 793-2177

Richard Moody
CRI Rep, Washington
(253) 222-4749

Scott Patterson
CRI Rep, Oregon
(541) 848-8419

Dan Kelly
CRI Rep, Oregon
(503) 871-8382

Angie Kelly
CRI Rep, Oregon
(503) 269-0899

‘Creating a bridge from the correctional CR
to the community CR.’

CRI Quarterly:
Saturday, 4/7/2018
Trinity Church of Pierce County
4041 Tacoma Mall Blvd
Tacoma, WA 98409

CR OneDay Seminars:
Dallas, TX 3/3/18
Seattle, WA 3/10/18
Atlanta, GA 4/14/18
Washington DC 4/21/18
Lansing, MI 5/19/18

East Coast Summit 7/11-13/2018
West Coast CR Summit 8/8-10/2018

Event Registration, Tools & Group Finder:

CR Inside Information & Group Finder:

Will weather to affect travel Jan. 7th? What about the CRI Quarterly?

Just a quick update — Extended weather forecasts for the weekend of January 7th seem likely to to produce conditions that will interfere with travel.

Hazardous road conditions and even requests by authorities to avoid travel seem almost certain.

What are your thoughts? Feedback welcome!


Oregon / Washington CRI Quarterly Meeting April 11th. Beaverton, OR.

CRI Quarterly Meeting to be held at:

SW Bible Church
14605 SW Weir Road
Beaverton, 97007

Coffee & refreshments from 9:30.
Meeting begins promptly at 10am.

CRI National Director, Adam Rodriguez, will be there and has indicated he will be making some big announcements. CRI Reps from Oregon & Washington will be available to answer questions.

Everyone welcome! Please bring / include anyone you feel might be interested in CRI activities.


10:00 Welcome & Opening Prayer
10:05 Worship, Steven Hardgrove
10:20 Introductions
10:40 Overview, Kent Whitaker
10:45 Re-Entry Update, Mike Cross
10:55 Open Topic Discussion

11:55 Lunch Prayer
12:00PM Lunch Break

12:30 Open Topic Discussion
12:45 Adam Rodriguez, CRI National Director
1:10 Inside Group Reports
1:45 Summary & Goals
2:00 Closing Prayer

‘Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, & those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.’ Hebrews 13:3