CRI Quarterly and the CRI Nuts & Bolts Event Policies

CRI Leaders and Reps overseeing & leading both the CRI Quarterly & the CRI Nuts&Bolts events.

Both of these events are unique to the CRI NW Region & so we’re learning how to best do them as we go. The Quarterly & Nuts&Bolts are unique CRI events used to recruit, encourage & train the attendees, neither are meant to be a fully compliant CR meeting subject to fully following CR DNA & model taught by Saddleback CR. These events are not held for people to ‘work’ on their recovery program, or for the newcomer to anonymously find a place to deal with the issues in their life, but rather are held as open events for building the CRI ministry. Sometimes chaplains, members from associated ministries & organizations, or anyone interested in finding out about this ministry will be in attendance, & we won’t be requiring them to maintain confidentiality or anonymity. All of our leadership & those presenting will be fully named, many times with contact info provided & what they share is open to the public.

Please announce at the beginning of either event, that the meeting is not a confidential or anonymous event, some video & pictures will be taken to be used for the advertising & promotion of future events. However, those of us in leadership need to see that all of the fundamental CR procedures & rules for leadership, which includes anyone on stage representing CR/CRI, are followed. Basic CR leadership requires one continuous year of sobriety in their recovery area, completed a CR step study & be a regular attendee in good standing of a community CR.

Regarding testimonies & mini-monies: all normal CR requirements must be met: the person needs to have one continuous year of sobriety in their recovery area, completed a CR step study & be a regular attendee of a community CR. If you, in arranging for someone to do a testimony or mini-mony, don’t have a current personal knowledge that these requirements are in place, it’s up to you to verify with their sponsor or ministry leader. Trusting that someone is telling you the truth is fine, but we need to have good stewardship over our ministry & we need to verify where necessary. A testimony or mini-mony always these needs to be written out & sent to you for approval at least a week prior to the event. The person sharing their testimony or mini-mony needs to read the testimony that has been approved & stay within their time frame.


Kent Whitaker
CRI NW Region Lead

‘Creating a bridge fromthe correctional CR to the community CR.’