Next CRI Quarterly Meeting Date Oct. 7th

Wow!! What a great Quarterly & the best attendance (100+) to date since we began in 2010!

The hosting of our meeting by Becky Fink & Salem First Nazarene was amazing & very appreciated!!

There were so many who made inspiring & uplifting contributions, but we want to give special recognition to the Lost&Found worship band with special guest Chrissy Davis; Dave Westmark from Tillamook Naz CR, SFFC CR & TCJ CR; Roy Hamilton from Tillamook Naz CR; Paul Arro from RHCC CR; Cory Davis & Toby Smith from COTH CR; new state CRI Rep Angie Kelly; James Ellis from Redmond AOG CR; Chaplain Larry Bowen from ODOC; Vivian Baker from PF Angel Tree; and, all the volunteers who made coffee (thank you Nicole for all the Krispy Kreme’s), served the lunch, ran the media&sound & made sure everything turned out great!

Of course as always we had incredible participation from our CRI leadership: Nicole Antis, Washington CRI Rep, Scott Patterson, Oregon CRI Rep, our 2 new Oregon CRI Reps Dan & Angie Kelly; Kent Kilgore, Mid-Valley CRI Lead; David Gerhart, NW CRI Newsletter Editor; & several of our CRI Coordinators featuring Cory Davis & Toby Smith. Joining us also were several CR Reps, Becky Fink, Chrissy Davis & Rick Booth from Oregon & Darla Lorbeski, Washington CR Rep. Rick Booth is also a CR Team Lead & serves as the ML at the LCJ CR! CR & CRI leadership are working more closely than ever to provide a better outreach to the incarcerated man or woman & their families; we’re building a better bridge from the correctional CR to the community CR.

The CRI Quarterly will next meet on October 7th & I hope you all make it a priority to be there. We spend the time & effort to provide a very jammed packed, entertaining & informative event, which includes donuts/coffee in the morning & a tasty light lunch. We want to encourage all who attend & equip them to better serve our Lord in this CR Inside ministry. We realize that for every incarcerated man or woman who is introduced to a new life through recovery in Jesus Christ, we also introduce their families, very importantly, their children! The CRI Quarterly is the best opportunity we offer for the newcomer to learn about what we’re doing, meet the volunteers who are serving & hear from them all the many great things they experience as a result. Those other organizations & ministries that we work along side of can attend & network with us so we can work better together!

The next focus, for those of us in Oregon, is the Home for Good in Oregon (HGO) mentor training on Saturday, August 26th at the Bethany Baptist Church in Salem. This training is one for all CR leadership to learn many important ideas & guidelines for welcoming into our community CR groups the ‘newcomer’ transitioning from incarceration. This is a free training by the Oregon Dept. of Corrections, Religious Services, & is taught by a DOC Chaplain, on 8/26 it will be SCI Chaplain Larry Bowen. Please note that prior to the 8/26 in-person class, there are 2 online modules that need to be completed along with a application submitted prior to the class. I’ve attached a flyer that covers all the details, I’m asking for copies to be made of this flyer & placed on the CR groups literature table. Please contact us with any questions, we’re happy to help.

Also attached is an updated Oregon CR Directory.

In Christ all things are possible,

Kent Whitaker
CRI NW TeamLead

Nicole Antis
CRI Rep, Washington
(503) 793-2177

Scott Patterson
CRI Rep, Oregon
(541) 848-8419

Dan Kelly
CRI Rep, Oregon
(503) 871-8382


Angie Kelly
CRI Rep, Oregon
(503) 269-0899

CRI Quarterly:
Saturday, 7/8/2017
Salem 1st Church of the Nazarene
1550 Market St NE, Salem, OR 97301

CR OneDay Seminars:
Fayetteville, AR 10/7/2117
Myrtle Beach, SC 10/21/2017
Pittsburgh, PA 11/4/2017
Jacksonville, FL 11/18/2017

East Coast Summit 7/12-14/2017
West Coast CR Summit 8/9-11/2017

Event Registration, Tools & Group Finder:

CR Inside Information & Group Finder:

HGO Training 8.26.17.pdf

CR Dir July 2017.pdf

Saturday’s CRI Quarterly.. last check-in

Hi Brothers & Sisters,

As we’re closing in on our July 8th Quarterly & since we all are busy, we are sending out this agenda for the event, so that you can plan your presentation. If you’re receiving this email, it’s because we are anticipating your contribution that day & we want you to know how much we appreciate your extra effort to be with us & make this an excellent event for all.

Please check to see when you’ll be presenting & the time allowed, in order to have everyone included we all need to adhere to the set times. Please take the time to write out what you’ll be saying & practice a few times so you have a good feel for the time. if you’re sharing your testimony, email it to Kent at dblactn at least by July 5th.

All of the Correctional CR Group Reports will need to be only 1-2 minutes & we will follow the same order as in the agenda; we’ll have everyone up & staged, so when one is done the next can follow without the delay of getting up to the mic. Our ministry relies on all leaders being present at the Quarterly, it’s our opportunity to learn from each other but as important, it’s the best way for newcomers to be introduced to everyone & what we do.. we need so many more volunteers! If you cannot attend for some important reason, please take responsibility for having one of your co-leaders ready to fill in for you & give a good report on your group.

This Quarterly is set to be an awesome event, much time & effort goes into planning & preparing to make it a rewarding experience for all who will be joining us, some who are checking out CRI for the first time. In the Oregon-Washington area our ministries network is expanding, inmates lives are being impacted as well as their whole family. Let’s do all we can to promote our Quarterly over the next few days at our home CR group, encourage the TEAM members to come to hear what exciting things are happening & how right at the community CR group we’re forming CRI Teams.

Also, since there are individuals we come in contact with, who are not part of CR but are involved in some way with the needs of inmates or in the re-entry process, maybe with the families, invite them! Do you know someone who was incarcerated & would be interested in CRI, invite them, it’s a free event & we need them in the community CR group to mentor. Let’s make a real effort to invite everyone we can think of!

Please let Kent know if you have any questions or changes regarding this agenda, 503-789-3756.
Becky Fink is our host at Salem 1st Nazarene & can answer questions regarding the facility, (503) 269-8542.
May our Lord bless & keep you until we meet in Salem on July 8th.

QuarterlyAgenda 7:8:17.pdf

CRI Quarterly.. adding more value everyday..

Hey friends, had to let you know a couple of exciting recent developments for the Quarterly on July 8th.. first CR Rep Becky Fink will be able to register for the West Coast Summit at the event & give a 10% discount over the regular individual or group rate! This requires that full payment is made & complete name & information for everyone registered at the event, so come prepared if you want to take advantage of this opportunity!
Secondly, ODOC Chaplain Larry Bowen will be with us with information on the Home For Good In Oregon (HGO) program. Chaplain Bowen has been a CR advocate for over 20 years, even planted a few CR groups & was the mentoring chaplain to start CR inside of Oregon’s prisons in 2010. He & his wife Julia are an amazing team so come & meet them at the Quarterly!

This event is jammed packed with great content & of value to everyone, it’s only 3 weeks away from today on July 8th. If you haven’t yet, make your plans to be with us at the Salem Nazarene, 1550 Market St NE, Salem, OR 97301 starting promptly at 10am. The Quarterly is the best opportunity to introduce the newcomer to the ministry-side of Celebrate Recovery that focuses on the incarcerated & is building a bridge from the correctional CR to the community CR. For someone who wants to learn about what CRI is, for the person involved in another associated ministry or organization wanted to network, for the man or woman who feels called to serve in this way by volunteering, and for all those whose are currently serving who want to share their experience, strength & hope, the CRI Quarterly is a must!

Below is a nice flyer, please make some copies & make them available where appropriate.
In Christ,

7:8 CRI Quarterly Flyer.pdf

Less than Four Weeks Until the CRI Quarterly Meeting July 8th in Salem!

Hello Washington & Oregon CR Inside Friends!

Since we’re now only one month away from the CRI Quarterly, on Saturday July 8th, we wanted to make sure the word gets out to everyone. We’ve attached a flyer which can be copied & available on your group’s literature table. Please help us to make this the best attended Quarterly yet, we’ve moved further south down the I-5 corridor to have the larger venue at the Salem Nazarene Church, 1550 Market St NE.

We start at 10am sharp, so come early at 9:30am for coffee & donuts.. this is a free meeting.

Over the last few months we’ve seen several new correctional groups start-up both in Washington & Oregon. At our community CR’s, many dedicated members are interested in coming alongside those re-entering their group, hopefully including their families too, our Quarterly helps prepare these community CR group’s CRI Teams in many ways. Of course, everyone involved in CR will benefit by their attendance & is certainly encouraged join in with us as we build this important mission into our local prisons & jails. Also remember, many who have a related ministry, counseling service, or organization focused on the incarcerated & those in the process of transition, will benefit by attending on July 8th. So spread the word to all those you know who might have an interest!


  • Worship by the ‘Lost & Found’
  • Reports from all the areas correctional CR groups
  • Two inspiring testimonies
  • Free light lunch
  • Ample Q&A session
  • Much more!

Remember our Quarterly is open to anyone who has an interest in the CRI ministry both inside our correctional facilities & at the community CR working with men & women transitioning back home, everyone is welcome!

We’re asking you to be in prayer for all those participating as they ready themselves & make their preparations, in Christ. More info will be sent out over the next few weeks, but don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

7_8 CRI Quarterly Flyer

Reality Check – An Inmate message to CR/CRI

In 2007 I committed a felony that resulted in my incarceration and the requirement to register each year with the Oregon State Police.

I received an 18-month sentence and 5 years probation. I served 12 months before being released with “good time” and truly believed that I was a different person who would never again end up in prison.

However, I found myself severely unprepared for life under supervision. What ended my probation was what my probation officer termed “a lie by omission.” The officer claimed that if I had only come to him admitting my strong temptation toward pornography, he would have worked with me and helped me steer clear of that constant stumbling block.


Part of me was relieved — at least in prison I had no probation officer to report to. However, because my particular felony attracted great animosity by a majority of the prison population, I was concerned that my second incarceration would be extremely difficult.

Since my probation came with a 5-year “downward departure” stipulation, this imprisonment would not be a short stretch like my first one. I could accumulate good time, but would still be looking at a minimum of 3 ½ years. For someone who had never done any time other than the previous 12-month term, several years seemed like an eternity.

The prison I was housed in had recently started a Celebrate Recovery Inside meeting.  I heard nothing but praise for this program from the Chaplain.  So I decided to check it out, although I felt intimidated by the CRI Meeting Leader. I had been incarcerated for a little over 3 of the 3 ½ years and had been threatened by others more than once. The inmates who threatened me believed their crimes to be somehow “better” or “less worthy” of punishment.

Downward departure is a term used in criminal law to refer to departing downward from the applicable sentencing guideline range for a statutory minimum sentence. A request for downward departure is typically made by motion and is often referred to as a downward motion. Downward Departure Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc. https://definitions.uslegal.com/d/downward-departure/

So, knowing that The CR Meeting Leader was a former prisoner,  I expected that he was yet another person who would judge me as not worthy of redemption. Against this unreasonable fear, I decided to trust God and met privately with the Meeting Leader to explain my situation to him. What I received was nothing less than one man’s true love and acceptance of what he saw as another brother in Christ. It is because of his expression of God’s love that I was brave enough to get involved in Celebrate Recovery after my release.

I am now graduating from a 12-step course and looking forward to being a TEAM member at my home Celebrate Recovery. It is my hope that at some point I can return to the prison system as part of a Celebrate Recovery Inside ministry so that I can “be the hope” to others like that CRI Meeting Leader was for me. He was the first restored link in a broken chain.

(Names, places, dates and other identifiable information – redacted by the Editor.)

CRI Quarterly Meeting July 8th in Salem!

Hey NW CRI friends!

Below, you’ll find a link to the flyer for the next CRI Quarterly on July 8th. Please print this and leave copies of the flyer for your CR meeting literature table.

The July 8th meeting will be hosted by the Salem Nazarene CR.  The facility is a larger venue and our agenda is going to be excellent!

Who can you invite? Can you bring a couple of newcomers to the Quarterly? We hope to make this Quarterly the best attended yet.

7_8 CRI Quarterly Flyer