On Volunteering, it’s inherent blessing

I realize this morning that working for the Lord is so much easier than attending to the responsibilities I accumulate in the world.  Load on Bridge

Worldly engagements require that I operate along lines to meet peoples expectations.  Those can be really difficult to accomplish.  Unmet expectations lead to bitterness, anger and resentments — and that’s a two way street.

Godly engagements require that I operate along lines meeting God’s expectations.

“For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Mt. 11:30

If I show up as a volunteer.  I’ve done my part.  God does the rest actually.

If I show up full of anxiety, and plans, worries and agendas that I want to accomplish, those are my choosing, they are my burden.  God didn’t ask me to carry them.

Late to the call!

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Rain & Wind.

NWS forecast

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Promoting CRI to Inmates

With permission, we can do interesting things.  So, as we completed a pass through “Life’s Healing Choices” … part of planning for restarting the lessons was to take a week off and have a CRI Open House.Open House Invitation

Inmates generally seem interested in anything different — the movie we selected was deliberately on-message in that the morals match well with CRI.  No sex, profanity, very little violence … at right is an image of our invitation/announcement.

Since this meeting is happening this week, I can’t yet report on the results.  But I promise to follow up …