NW CR Inside News… Updates from Kent W.

Howdy CR Insiders..
We are coming off another great Quarterly held on Feb 3rd at the Horizon Church in Sherwood, this was an awesome venue! The Horizon CR Ministry Leader Todd Tomlinson, opened up for us at 8am, sound checked the band, ran our media all day, & led the clean-up.. thank you Todd for all you did to make this event happen & a success. Along with many encouraging reports, testimonies & mini-monies, we had a great worship time (thanks to Persevered), uplifting teachings & a yummy lunch. The best part always is seeing so many friends, brothers & sisters in Christ, getting together & sharing from their hearts, life-experiences, thoughts & words-of-wisdom. We serve a great God, who blesses us by allowing us to serve the incarcerated & their families! Getting together to celebrate this ministry is really important & it glorifies our Lord at the same time, come to the Quarterly whenever you can, you’ll always be welcome & glad you did.

The next Quarterly on April 7th will be at the Trinity Church of Pierce County in Tacoma, this will be the first Quarterly ever held in Washington! With all the excitement for the CR Inside ministry now happening in this area it will be an excellent event, today Nicole Antis is coaching a team of CR women for the King County Jail!! We’ve attached the flyer for this April 7th CRI Quarterly here, please see to it that copies are made available on your community CR group’s literature table ASAP. Community CR groups are developing their CRI Team & we encourage each group’s T.E.A.M. to attend as we will be covering that process & answering all their questions. Also, all the basics on how-to bring CR into the correctional settings will be taught by our CRI Reps & area Leads. Since the CR Training Conference is on March 10th in Gig Harbor we will be inviting those attending it to come back a month later to focus on the CRI ministry at the nearby Quarterly.

Following the April 7th Quarterly in Tacoma, WA, our goal is to continue to offer this event in a variety of locations around Washington & Oregon, with the other states in the NW Region joining in as we build the CRI ministry there. The next scheduled Quarterly following the April 7th in Tacoma, WA, is in Redmond, OR at the Word of Victory Church on July 7th & then in Eugene, OR at Crossfire West Eugene Campus on October 6th. Put these dates in your calendar today & start spreading the word. Our vision is to bring CR into each jail, prison & youth correctional facility.. and to provide a ready & able CRI Team to address the transitioning inmate & their family in the community CR group!

Please keep our new Washington CRI Rep, Richard Moody, & his family in prayer as he had a mild-stroke last Saturday & is at home now recuperating. I’m convinced, God has brought us all together in ministry so that, we can learn to love one another as He has loved us. When one of us is struggling or in need, is when the rest of us can lift them up in prayer, & as God leads, reach out with support, encouragement & assistance.

We have another request too, attached you’ll see the updated Oregon CR Directory which you are welcome to copy & use as necessary. At this time we don’t have a Washington CR Directory & need someone who will commit to creating it similar to the Oregon one. These directories are used in prisons & jails where permitted, as a way for inmates to identify a CR group where they will be released & make contact with them before they release. Many times an inmate will direct their spouse to make contact & begin attending before they’re released too. The person who can be responsible for this important task needs to keep the directory updated as well, with changes, & adding new groups or deleted ones that quit. If you are interested please contact Nicole or Richard so that they will know & work with you to get started.

CR Inside is the bridge from the correctional CR to the community CR.

Kent Whitaker
CRI NW Region Lead

Nicole Antis
CRI Rep, Washington
(503) 793-2177

Richard Moody
CRI Rep, Washington
(253) 222-4749

Scott Patterson
CRI Rep, Oregon
(541) 848-8419

Dan Kelly
CRI Rep, Oregon
(503) 871-8382


Angie Kelly
CRI Rep, Oregon
(503) 269-0899

‘Creating a bridge from the correctional CR
to the community CR.’

CRI Quarterly:
Saturday, 4/7/2018
Trinity Church of Pierce County
4041 Tacoma Mall Blvd
Tacoma, WA 98409

CR OneDay Seminars:
Dallas, TX 3/3/18
Seattle, WA 3/10/18
Atlanta, GA 4/14/18
Washington DC 4/21/18
Lansing, MI 5/19/18

East Coast Summit 7/11-13/2018
West Coast CR Summit 8/8-10/2018

Event Registration, Tools & Group Finder:

CR Inside Information & Group Finder:

CR Dir Feb 2018.pdf

CRIQ 4:7:18.pdf

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