Saturday’s CRI Quarterly.. last check-in

Hi Brothers & Sisters,

As we’re closing in on our July 8th Quarterly & since we all are busy, we are sending out this agenda for the event, so that you can plan your presentation. If you’re receiving this email, it’s because we are anticipating your contribution that day & we want you to know how much we appreciate your extra effort to be with us & make this an excellent event for all.

Please check to see when you’ll be presenting & the time allowed, in order to have everyone included we all need to adhere to the set times. Please take the time to write out what you’ll be saying & practice a few times so you have a good feel for the time. if you’re sharing your testimony, email it to Kent at dblactn at least by July 5th.

All of the Correctional CR Group Reports will need to be only 1-2 minutes & we will follow the same order as in the agenda; we’ll have everyone up & staged, so when one is done the next can follow without the delay of getting up to the mic. Our ministry relies on all leaders being present at the Quarterly, it’s our opportunity to learn from each other but as important, it’s the best way for newcomers to be introduced to everyone & what we do.. we need so many more volunteers! If you cannot attend for some important reason, please take responsibility for having one of your co-leaders ready to fill in for you & give a good report on your group.

This Quarterly is set to be an awesome event, much time & effort goes into planning & preparing to make it a rewarding experience for all who will be joining us, some who are checking out CRI for the first time. In the Oregon-Washington area our ministries network is expanding, inmates lives are being impacted as well as their whole family. Let’s do all we can to promote our Quarterly over the next few days at our home CR group, encourage the TEAM members to come to hear what exciting things are happening & how right at the community CR group we’re forming CRI Teams.

Also, since there are individuals we come in contact with, who are not part of CR but are involved in some way with the needs of inmates or in the re-entry process, maybe with the families, invite them! Do you know someone who was incarcerated & would be interested in CRI, invite them, it’s a free event & we need them in the community CR group to mentor. Let’s make a real effort to invite everyone we can think of!

Please let Kent know if you have any questions or changes regarding this agenda, 503-789-3756.
Becky Fink is our host at Salem 1st Nazarene & can answer questions regarding the facility, (503) 269-8542.
May our Lord bless & keep you until we meet in Salem on July 8th.

QuarterlyAgenda 7:8:17.pdf

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