CR Inside announcement – New S. Central Region Team Lead

Hey CRI NW Teammates,

Thanks to many of you for helping us have a successful CRI lunchtime breakout this last Saturday at the CR OneDay! Headcount for our breakout was 145 and I think it was the best one yet. Special recognition and thank you to Brian Marti, Kent Kilgore, James Ellis and Danny Duchene for blessing us all with their mini-monies.

Having National CRI Director Danny Duchene with us was incredible and I know all of you who were able to visit with him enjoyed it immensely. Danny was very impressed with the enthusiasm we all have about reaching the incarcerated men and women, helping them to walk across the bridge from the correctional CR to the community CR.

CR Inside nationally is divided into 6 regions and today Randal Greer from Louisiana was named the Team Lead for the South-central Region. We now have Team Leads in place for each region: Nancy Dowd, Northeast; Denver Sasser, Southeast: John Brennan, North-central, Randal Greer, South-central; Kent Whitaker, Northwest; James D’Amato, Southwest.

On Saturday, April 8th, we will have our CRI Quarterly meeting at SW Bible Church in Beaverton, OR. The meeting starts promptly at 10am & ends at 2:30pm, a free lunch is included. I’ve attached a nice flyer which I hope you will send to whoever at your community CR group makes copies and ask them to make some for your literature table. Also, see if your Ministry Leader will announce this important meeting during Large Group. I’ll be sending out more information about the agenda over the next few weeks, but we’re in store for amazing worship with “The Lost and Found”, a very special testimony, as well as inside group reports, Q&A time & great networking.

The Quarterly is the time to bring someone new – someone, you feel would enjoy learning about the CR Inside ministry or, might even be interested in being included in our efforts to come alongside the incarcerated and re-entering individual.
In Christ,

Kent Whitaker

CRI NW TeamLead
Oregon CRI Rep

CRI Quarterly:
Saturday, 4/8/2017
SW Bible Church
14605 SW Weir Road
Beaverton, OR 07007

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