2016 CR Inside Updates. 2017, Just around the corner…

Merry Christmas Forever Family,

I can hardly believe that today is December 17th, around the corner is Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & a brand new year! What I’m really excited for, is spending time in the midst of it all abiding with the Christmas child Himself, Jesus is the reason for all of it & He chose to spend time with each of us. I’ve come to know that He has purpose for everything happening in my life, He doesn’t spare attention to any detail, God leads me back each year to celebrate His birth & then welcome a new year of life. I pray each of us will enjoy this special time with family & friends, that we will be safe & healthy, & that we remember to care for one another.

In 2017 we will see amazing growth in our CR Inside ministry, Danny Duchene has begun the processing of new CRI Reps, new volunteers are hearing our Lord’s call into service, & new inside CR groups are in the works. Also in 2017, an increased involvement by volunteers at the community CR group will take place: CRI Coordinators, Welcome Home Partners & CRI Mentors. At our Quarterly meeting on January 7th we will be going over all things CRI, both about the inside CR groups & about the CRI Team in the community CR group. The Quarterly is free & open to anyone with an interest to learn or become part of this ministry. I’ve attached a nice flyer of which copies can be put on your groups literature table, it’s a 2-sided flyer with info on the January 28th HGO mentor training on the flip side. Please promote both of these events during the announcements in large group, CR Inside is a great way to serve as a CR leader & faithful follower of Christ.

Feel free to contact myself or Nicole Davis with questions, our info is on the flyer & in this email signature.
In Christ,

Kent Whitaker
CRI NW TeamLead
Oregon CRI Rep

Nicole Davis
Washington CRI Rep
(503) 793-2177

CRI Quarterly:
Saturday, 1/7/2017
SW Bible Church
14605 SW Weir Road
Beaverton, OR 07007

CR OneDay Seminars:
SanFrancisco, CA 1/28/2017
Austin, TX 2/11/2017
Williamsburg, VA 2/25/2017
Portland, OR 3/11/2017
DesMoines, IA 4/29/2017
Denver, CO 5/20/2017

East Coast Summit 7/12-14/2017
West Coast CR Summit 8/9-11/2017

Event Registration, Tools & Group Finder:

CR Inside Information & Group Finder:

CRI-Q 1-7, HGO 1-28-17.pdf

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