One Day Seminar Coming To Sacramento, CA


Here’s an upcoming great opportunity fairly close, especially for those in the southern part of Oregon. If you’ve been to a CR One Day before the training has been updated, bring newcomers & ‘old-timers’ alike & see what’s new!
Kent Whitaker
Oregon CRI Rep

CRI NW USA Team-Lead

CR OneDay Seminar:
Fort Wayne, IN 11/7/15
Destin, FL 11/19/15

CR Inside OneDay Seminar:
Lima, OH 11/14/15

East Coast CR Summit 7/13-15/2016
West Coast CR Summit 8/10-12/2016

Event Registration, Tools & Group Finder:

CR Inside Information & Group Finder:

Our regional seminars, with Celebrate Recovery founder John Baker, give Celebrate Recovery leaders and volunteers a chance to gather together for training as we offer The Journey Begins & The Journey Continues seminar tracks.

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