Finally CRI at Deer Ridge (DRCI) in Madras, OR?

Well, that’s our intention since Chaplain Tim Woods reached out again & contacted the new national CRI website asking for help. By the way if you haven’t visited yet, check it out at! The chaplain has been waiting many years for a team of CR men to bring the program into DRCI but now it seems God’s timing has arrived. After receiving an email from webmaster Tom at, I contacted a somewhat disgruntled chaplain who flatly expressed renewed interest &, listened to my explanation of why we hadn’t started years ago when we’d first attempted to form a team. After the conversation, I reached out to Oregon’s 2 eastern CR reps, Kathy Matson & Sharon Weldin & both responded immediately! Sharon within a day had identified a man who is very interested in leading the DRCI CRI team & I’m looking forward to meeting him at our upcoming 10/4 CRI Quarterly. Thank you Sharon, many men will be reached with the life changing involvement in CR by your extra efforts.

The main ingredient for bringing CR into a correctional facility usually isn’t the invite, in fact, we have an invite from OSCI too. No the ingredient is volunteers, qualified CR individuals willing to sacrifice one evening a week to lead a CR program for the inmates. Being qualified means having over a year of sobriety in their area of recovery, having completed a CR step study & having the approval of the ministry leader where they have an ongoing CR attendance. Nothing new here, Jesus Himself was concerned, ‘Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”‘Mat9:37

Please consider carefully God’s calling on you to take action &, in gratitude for all He has done in your life, become available today for this incredible mission. CRI is the mission-field of CR, we step out of the comfort of our community CR’s to go visit men & women who live in a land behind the chain-link & razorwire. CRI ‘missionaries’ carry the message of redemption & restoration from brokenness, to hear from our own lips how God through Celebrate Recovery has worked in our lives. In the NW, CRI is growing & gaining energy, contact us today & become part of Christ’s concern for His children living in the prisons & jails.

Kent Whitaker
CRI Sr Rep, Oregon

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