Busy October in Oregon

As I sit here today, punching out this synopsis of the coming month, I’m wondering how it will all work out. Then I remember, as I’m more willing to do these days, that God has it all under control & all I need to do is my small part! Whew…

  • Saturday 10/4 is the Oregon CRI Quarterly at SW Bible in Beaverton, last time we were 22 strong, & I expect that many or more this time too. The Oregon state reps will be ‘rolling out’ a training on the re-entry process & how the community CR’s can be more involved. Re-entry has been moved to the ‘front burner’ in Oregon & become a goal for us to be able to train at the CR group level what a successful transitional program, including mentorship, looks like. Of course, we’ll hear all the reports from the 18 different CRI groups in Oregon institutions too & have some lively discussion on concerns, challenges & techniques!
  • Thursday 10/9 my wife & I will drive the 3.5 hours to Pendleton & meet with the chaplain for Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute (EOCI), the deputy in charge of programming at the Umatilla County Jail, & finish the day meeting with the CRI team at 1st Assembly of God’s CR, where I’ll also give my testimony that evening.
  • Saturday 10/11 a CRI men’s team will be in Sheridan to train prior to bring our program into the Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) there. I’m so excited to get my federal clearance & to be part of the kickoff of what will hopefully be 2 different CR groups there; FCI Sheridan is both a minimum security camp & a medium security prison so we need CR in both.

The month will then shift gears, as we all prepare for the CR OneDay at the Eugene Christian Fellowship on Oct 25th. Celebrate Recovery’s awesome national team travels to Eugene to train, both the newcomer & the CR leader, in an all-day seminar format. CRI’s state reps from the NW will be hosting a lunchtime breakout session with, special ‘satisfied customer’ guest, Rick McDaniel. David Jones, the new national CRI director, will not be present at the OneDay’s like Hector had been, but our state reps are up to the challenge of representing CRI at the OneDay. This will be a great opportunity to come together, learn from each other, introduce new people to the ministry/mission of CRI & energize ourselves for the long winter into spring season of service to our Lord Jesus & the least of His children.

I’m looking forward to seeing each of you somewhere in my travels throughout October. Stay safe with His blessings & mercy until then.

Kent Whitaker
Oregon CRI Sr Rep

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