Oregon CRI Quarterly on Oct 4th

Good Day Friends..

kent & W MugshotA sunny Saturday in the Pacific NW, a touch of Fall in the air, an amazing experience for sure! Two Saturdays from today, October 4th, we will be having our CRI Quarterly meeting at the SW Bible Church, 14605 SW Weir Rd, Beaverton, OR 97007, room 222. The meeting will start promptly at10am & be finished by 1pm, there will be a short break somewhere in the middle. This quarter we won’t be having a meeting in Salem, only the one at SW Bible, the reason is, we are having a special re-entry training in addition to our normal CRI reports from all the inside groups, discussion & goal setting. Mike Cross, Portland Metro CRI Rep, will be highlighted in the training session, he has spent years as a professional mentor for Washington County in addition to being a HGO mentor & overseeing transitional housing/programing for Free On The Outside in Oregon City. This training will be to kick-off for CRI’s focus on re-entry for the coming year bringing it up in equal importance to our success with inside programming in prisons & jails. Since you all will be part of this in many ways please make being present at this meeting a priority, we will be looking to you for your input & assistance.
The CRI Quarterly usually happens on the first Saturday of each quarter, these are open meetings with the intention that curious individuals, or those wanting to get involved, can come to find out about all the different CRI groups & how they work, ask questions & meet the incredible leaders who are taking Celebrate Recovery to new levels! Please be encouraged to invite committed fellow CR friends, pastors or anyone you feel would benefit by being with us, we will be looking forward to welcome everyone.
We’re excited to announce that Ken Davis has been named as the new Washington CRI Rep & he will be with us on the 4th to share his first report as a rep! Ken, from Crossroads CR in Vancouver, is currently the ML for the men’s group at the Clark County Jail & part of the new team taking CR into the Larch Correctional Center. Ken is already a valuable part of CRI & we’re looking forward to working alongside him in his new role as a state rep.
You are receiving this email because you are either already part of the greater CRI team, a chaplain or associate of ours or, a CR Ministry Leader/State Rep. We’ve included you Ministry Leaders because of our new initiative on re-entry & the vital role the community CR groups will be playing, as we improve our ability to help offenders transition out of imprisonment into a new healthy & successful life. Going forward CRI in Oregon/Washington will be offering specific training for the community CR TEAM’s, general meetings & those individuals who identify themselves as wanting to help in CRI work with their ML’s approval. If you do not want to be on our email list & receive any further emails, please reply to Kent Whitaker (kentw@remax.net) & simply ask to be removed from the list & you will be. Also, we’ve tried to eliminate duplicate entries but if you’ve received 2 or more of this email please let us know so we can correct that.

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