West Coast Summit Details

Online Registration Closes on August 4th.

Online Registration Closes on August 4th.

Hello, CR Forever Family!!

Over 2300 at the East Coast Summit in Orlando including several of you from Missouri! The Summit theme this year is “Moving Forward / Decade of The Newcomer.” How many Christ-centered recovery ministries do you know besides Celebrate Recovery that has been around for 23 years? To stay strong for another generation CR has to MOVE FORWARD! You all have been and continue to be committed and dedicated in providing a safe and effective CR program to your church and community. Countless lives have been changed! It is my prayer for all of you to keep your CR program “Moving Forward” by learning fresh new ways to do CR that will have an even greater impact in reaching out to and ministering to the Newcomer. Remembering always that it is all about the Newcomer!

“And let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful.”
Titus 3:14

The CR Model at Saddleback is taking the decade of the Newcomer very seriously! Johnny Baker shared there deliberate focus to put the Newcomer first in ALL aspects of the CR Format – in the dinner, the welcome and announcements, the music, the lesson, the testimonies, the small groups…..all of CR. We say our CR is a safe place – A Newcomer will prove that it is by coming back and inviting others to come with him.

I challenge you to examine your CR program through the eyes of The Newcomer!

Some Highlights from the EC Summit:

CR Lessons on DVD! Johnny Baker has recorded ALL 25 Lessons on DVD and is now available to purchase from Saddleback Resources. This is not only a great tool for new CR groups, but a great fill in when you don’t have a teacher that night or when you need a special speaker. Click here to purchase and to see a preview of some of the lessons: http://www.saddlebackresources.com/Celebrate-Recovery-Video-Lessons-C3703.aspx

New CR Worship CD Volume 2! I saw a preview of the newest Worship DVD at the Summit and it is awesome! No worship team? No worries! The CR Worship CD 2 will soon be available at Saddleback Resources. Click here to look at Worship CD 1: http://www.saddlebackresources.com/Celebrate-Recovery-Worship-DVD–P10667.aspx

DNA vs. Best Practices. This is a great workshop offered at the Summit. It helped me to remember that CR is a ministry of GRACE and to not burden participants by establishing unnecessary rules. To handle issues case by case. We build a healthy ministry by following the CR DNA. The CR DNA helps to create an environment to help the Newcomer learn as they go. The CR DNA helps us to stay focused on grace, truth and love. In the CR DNA, the Bible is the core of everything we do and keeps our groups safe.

Attached is the revised version of the CR DNA. Please copy and review at your next Leader’s Meeting.

Important Contacts:

CR International National Director- Jana O’Guin / JanaO@saddleback.com
CR Inside National Coordinator – David Jones / DavidJ@saddleback.com
The Landing National Coordinator – Carol Holmstrom / Caholmstrom@fellowshipnwa.org
Celebration Place National Coordinator – Marna Monaghan / Marnamonaghan@gmail.com
Celebration Place North Central Regional Rep – Donna Yearsin / Dyearsin@yahoo.com (For Missouri)

Team Building Games for your next Leader’s Meeting – Check out “Minute to Win It Blue Prints” at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL967E5FC0F16FCD6D Have Fun!

“Backpack” CR Video – This is an awesome video that you will want to include in your CR video library. You can get it free after the West Coast Summit by signing up here: http://www.celebratefilms.com

“Never Go Back” – New book by Henry Cloud. During the East Coast Summit, Henry Cloud shared from his new book “Never Go Back”, pathways of success that will help you redirect your mistakes and make way for success-physically, personally, and spiritually. It will encourage you to never go back to what hasn’t worked in the past.
To order: http://www.amazon.com/Never-Go-Back-Things-Youll/dp/1439180547

Coming Soon: An App for CR? Of course! Will let you know when it is available!

Save The Date!
2015 West Coast Summit: August 15-17

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