Various CR Event Dates

Kent Whitaker
Oregon CRI Sr Rep

Upcoming One-Day Seminars:
4/5 Austin, TX
5/3 Seattle, WA

5/17 Ontario, CA

East Coast Summit:
July 9-11 Orlando, FL
West Coast Summit:
August 6-9 Lake Forest, CA

Event Registration, Tools & Group Finder:

CR Inside Information & Group Finder:


    1. Looking good! Question.. if I could coordinate with you to have some sit-down instruction time how would we do that? would I need to come to Bandon, meet somewhere? what is your cost to do one on one instruction? Over the phone for a dummy like me is not how I learn well but I do better in a visual situation. I know you are very generous with helping out get me up to speed but my education is both for my business & CRI work so, I’m comfortable spending the time & money if you’re interested. If that isn’t something that you can do no problem but I thought I’d ask.
      Is this thread between me & you or can others see it?

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