On Christian Activism

Let go let God

We are ever more challenged to understand militant Christianity.

‘ “Defend the Bible?”  I would as soon defend a lion!  Unchain it and it will defend itself.’ Charles Spurgeon.

A Pastor we heard recently cajoled his congregation:  Defend God by challenging moral issues of our day, engage non-believers and suffer for the faith.  Protest, march, “Go, be… do!”  Contribute here, buy that, read this, watch that, attend here, go there… Join up! Be heard!

We find Politics from the pulpit is extremely offensive.  Our reaction: ‘show me where it says so.’ It’s not infrequently quoted as if it was scripture: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Some mistakenly attribute those words to Edmund Burke — but it is at best a paraphrase, adapted to serve a secular purpose.

Paul summarizes instruction to Pastor Titus with the following charge: (my boldfaces for applicational…

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