In exactly one month..

Hello my friends,

What’s in one month, on January 16th? The first CRI Quarterly of the new year, that’s what!

Make sure it’s on your calendar, Saturday, January 16th, 2016. We will be meeting at the SW Bible Church, 14605 SW Weir Road, Beaverton, OR 97007 from 10am to 2pm; there will be a light lunch served at noon. This is a great opportunity for anyone to learn all about the CRI programs & people from around Oregon, newcomers are most welcome. Because it’s the first Quarterly for 2016, it will be very important for all current volunteers to be in attendance, we will be setting new goals, addressing some significant improvements to this ministry, & of course, hearing from everyone whats on their heart & mind.

An agenda will be sent out closer to the date but, I’ve attached a flyer which I’m encouraging you to print copies of (or email to someone at your CR who can make copies) & see to it that these copies are placed on the literature table. Ask your ministry leader to show the flyer & announce the Quarterly, inviting all to attend, during the large group announcements.

Thank you all in advance for helping get the word out & I hope you all have a very safe & merry Christmas!
In Christ,

Kent Whitaker
Oregon CRI Rep

CRI NW Team-Lead

CRI Quarterly, 1/16/2016
SW Bible, Beaverton, OR

CR OneDay Seminar:
Sacramento, CA 1/30/2016
Phoenix, AZ 2/20/2016
Austin, TX 2/27/2016
Atlanta, GA 3/12/2016
Seattle, WA 3/19/2016

CR Inside OneDay Seminar:

East Coast CR Summit 7/13-15/2016
West Coast CR Summit 8/10-12/2016

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CRI Redmond Round-Up Follow-Up

On Saturday, 11/14/15, a great group of men & women met at the Redmond Assembly of God Church to discuss the various aspects of the CR Inside (CRI) ministry. CRI today has 3 main focuses, none of which is more important than the other, but each having their own significant place in the outreach into the ‘criminally identified’ community. (1) CRI is focused on bringing the CR program into the city/county jails, where we can reach many during their short time stay. (2) CRI is focused on bringing the CR program into the state/federal prisons, where a more long term involvement can be had including step studies. (3) CRI is focused on bringing the jail or prison inmate & their family into our community CR’s once they are released from their incarceration, and in preparing those at the community CR members to better serve the re-entering man or woman as accountability partners & mentors.

The exciting news coming away from the meeting: we now have several who are interested in beginning the effort to start up a CR at the Deschutes County Jail! For the women the contact person is Chandra Bily, 503-686-3362, if you have an interest in knowing more about this team please give her a call. For the men’s team the contact person is Paul Webb, (541) 735-5697 or, Kent Whitaker, 503-789-3756. I’ll be traveling back over to Bend in the next couple of weeks to meet with the deputies overseeing the volunteer programs at the jail. My goal is to find out what their requirements are, answer their questions on what to expect from the CR program & volunteers, & get their approval for us bringing both a men’s & women’s CR team inside once a week. Until I meet with the jail administration & get the go-ahead, we won’t know the available time slots, but so that we’re ready with qualified volunteers we’re starting to form the teams now. From the CRI side we require that a volunteer is a regular attendee of a community CR & has their Ministry Leaders approval to serve in this way. Also, the volunteer must have a minimum of one years continuous sobriety in their area of recovery & have either completed or are currently in a step study. Each volunteer must agree to the CRI Program Proposal & Commitment in writing as well.

Additionally, Scott Patterson, Ministry Leader for the DRCI CR & HGO Regional Chaplain, covered all of the great things he is involved with locally assisting the re-entering man or woman. He urged those interested to contact him for visiting the DRCI CR & if possible sharing their testimony. He also is very interested in putting a group together interested in having a HGO Mentor Training session; HGO stands for the ODOC’s Home for Good in Oregon re-entry program which pairs up interested inmates with a certified mentor in the community of their release. We are very interested in having many CR members take this training, it prepares those in the community CR’s for properly assisting formerly incarcerated individuals up to & including mentoring them. Contact Scott directly for either of these great opportunities to serve, 541-848-8419.

I love Central Oregon, the air is clean & the CR groups are passionate about recovery through Jesus Christ, the One & Only Higher Power!

Kent Whitaker, Oregon CRI Rep, NW CRI Team-Lead


One Day Seminar Coming To Sacramento, CA


Here’s an upcoming great opportunity fairly close, especially for those in the southern part of Oregon. If you’ve been to a CR One Day before the training has been updated, bring newcomers & ‘old-timers’ alike & see what’s new!
Kent Whitaker
Oregon CRI Rep

CRI NW USA Team-Lead

CR OneDay Seminar:
Fort Wayne, IN 11/7/15
Destin, FL 11/19/15

CR Inside OneDay Seminar:
Lima, OH 11/14/15

East Coast CR Summit 7/13-15/2016
West Coast CR Summit 8/10-12/2016

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Our regional seminars, with Celebrate Recovery founder John Baker, give Celebrate Recovery leaders and volunteers a chance to gather together for training as we offer The Journey Begins & The Journey Continues seminar tracks.

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CRI Redmond Round-Up Saturday Nov. 14th.

Saturday morning, Nov 14th – CR Inside “nuts and bolts” session, 10am to noonish, at the Redmond Assembly of God
1865 W Antler Ave, Redmond, OR 97756.

Help get the word out?

It’s an opportunity for the ‘newcomer’, someone who has an interest in finding out more about CR-Inside. Or for those with concern the incarcerated, those formerly incarcerated who are re-entering our communities. There is a natural support path from CR-Inside to CR in our communities.

Also, for anyone already volunteering in this area: CRI, Prison Fellowship, etc, … We will discuss / learn new ideas on how we operate CR Inside. We’ll cover techniques for starting inside programs, the curriculums we use, the mentor certification for the DOC Home for Good in Oregon (HGO) & how CR members can become involved.


Contact Kent Whitaker
Oregon CRI Rep
CRI NW USA Team-Lead

UPDATE .. CRI OneDay deadline extension!!

Hey CRI friends,

We’ve been given a one week extension to hit our required minimum pre-registered and we’re only 20 short.

I’ve talked to several people who said they are coming and paying at the door but if we don’t hit the minimum there won’t be a door!

Please, make a decision to attend today and go online to pre-register. The One Day Meeting will be well worth the cost and time.

Everything is all planned and all we need is YOU to make it happen. Here’s the direct link and a flyer that you’re welcome to print. That document will be interesting for anyone who deals with the incarcerated or those re-entering our communities.

This seminar is very important. Please use it to

  • Recruit new volunteers
  • Network with your associates
  • Enhance what you are already doing
  • Share what you do and know with the rest of us!

Kent Whitaker
Oregon CRI Rep

CRI NW USA Team-Lead

CRI OneDay Flyer.pdf

Oct 3rd CR Inside OneDay registration is open!

Celebrate Recovery Inside is conducting an all day seminar on Oct 3rd.

This seminar is open to anyone wanting to learn about CRI, meet it’s leadership including National Director Adam Rodriguez, & receive the latest training on volunteering in prisons/jails & re-entry. There also will be breakout sessions, keynote speakers & testimonies from formerly incarcerated men & women! A great lunch will be provided.

Registration is now open at this link or, by going to the Celebrate Recovery website at then select from top menu bar: Events, then select CR Inside & the Vancouver, WA CRI One Day.

Please contact Kent Whitaker, kentw, or Nicole Davis, girl4godonly with any questions.

Thank you for all you do for our incarcerated & re-entering men & women.

Kent Whitaker
Oregon CRI Rep

CR OneDay Seminar:
Boston, MA 9/19/15
Elizabethtown, KY 10/3/15
Fayetteville, AR 10/10/15
Fort Wayne, IN 11/7/15
Destin, FL 11/19/15

CR Inside OneDay Seminar:
Vancouver, WA 10/3/15

East Coast CR Summit 7/13-15/2016
West Coast CR Summit 8/10-12/2016

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CR Inside Information & Group Finder:

National Director CR Inside Leads Inaugural NW Region One Day Meeting

Adam chats with Greg Foster & his fiance, Allyson after the Quarterly Saturday.. good times.

Adam chats with Greg and Allyson after the Quarterly meeting Spring 2015.

CRI National Director Adam Rodriguez is on slate leading the Inaugural Celebrate Recovery Northwest Regional One-Day Meeting.

Everyone welcome.

Attendees will learn about how CR Inside operates in Prisons and Jails. Local CRI Meeting Leaders and State Reps will share plans and vision for moving Celebrate Recovery Inside forward in the NW Region.

Please share this opportunity with anyone you feel might benefit!

Saturday October 3rd

New Hope Foursquare Church
1801 Daniels Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Registration: (select from top menubar: Events then CR Inside & Vancouver, WA)

or visit the direct-link at:

Fee: $45 in advance, $50 at the door (covers coffee, snacks, lunch and general expenses like copies, etc.)

Learn about the CR Inside ministry from the men & women who
are doing it: state CRI Reps & National Director Adam Rodriguez!

The OneDay meeting agenda includes: speakers, training on the prison, jail and re-entry
ministries, testimonies, workshops, worship band, lunch & more!

Questions? Contact either:

Nicole at (503) 793-2177
Kent at (503)789-3756

Oregon / Washington CRI Quarterly meeting July 11th.

Oregon / Washington CRI Quarterly meeting

10:00AM Welcome & Opening Prayer
10:05 Worship, Ted Woodruff
10:20 Introductions
10:40 Overview, Kent Whitaker
10:45 Inside Group Reports
11:40 Women in CRI, Nicole & Angie
11:55 Lunch Prayer
12:00PM Lunch Break
12:30 Testimony, Brian Marti
12:55 Re-Entry Update, Mike Cross
1:10 Oct 3rd CRI OneDay Overview
1:25 Open Discussion
1:50 Summary & Closing Prayer

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you on Saturday, remember that we start promptly at 10am but come early & enjoy some coffee & pastries with us. We will break for a light lunch (if you require gluten-free, or any other special diet, please bring it with you) and, we will end promptly at 2pm.

The address is SW Bible Church, 14605 SW Weir Rd, Beaverton, OR 97007 .. if you arrive late we are in room 221.

You’re welcome to phone me at (503)-789-3756 with any questions.

Kent Whitaker
Oregon CRI Sr Rep